News: Dancing With The Stars Contestant Chaz Bono Creates Controversy

Recently, this seasons contestants for the ABC show ” Dancing With The Stars” were announced. Among them this year is Chaz Bono.

Yes, it seems Bono is the child of Sonny and Cher. He’s also transgendered. Born female, Bono now identifies as a man.I don’t know many of the details or specifics here, and though I could look them up, frankly, I’m not going to. Because his personal experiences and whether or not he’s had surgeries or whatever is none of my damn business.

In my opinion, he’s a man, and who cares about the rest.

Apparently though, this is reason for many fans of the show to flip the fuck out. Publicly, on the shows message board. The constantly streaming river of hate here is just so extreme and intense it makes me sick. Although many people have come out to show their support and encouragement, the haters, well, they’re a-hatin– and in full force.

The issue for many seems to be along the lines of won’t someone please think of the children!!

One Anonymous Guest states:

“Sorry, but you just lost this family’s viewership. Having Chaz Bono on as a “star” is not only ridiculous and a cheap ploy for ratings, but is totally inappropriate for a so-called family show. I don’t want to have to explain to my 6 and 8-year-olds why/how this “man” used to be a girl. Come on, ABC!”


“Chaz Bono is not a “he”… For God’s sake people, quit trying to drive your social agenda down the throats of heterosexual people with your agenda to proclaim such a lifestyle as LBGT being “normal”. It isn’t. It is abnormal and it is unacceptable. Β 
You might as well shut down your show because it is NOT a family show and it is NOT something to watch. Good by DWTS!”

(P.S. It’s GOODBYE, dipshit.)


“Very disappointed in the lineup of “stars”. My family has watched for years and we have even flown out to California to see it live. We will not be watching this year. We will filter the show this year and do not support cast choices of transgender, gay or lesbian contestants. My kids enjoyed the younger dancers from shows they watch and this year there are no stars they can relate to.

First of all, its a DANCING SHOW. The chance that there is going to be many in depth conversations about the specifics of gender reassignment is: highly fucking unlikely. Though I’m not a regular viewer, I’m pretty sure most of what they do is dance. Not talk. Not indoctrinate the children with the eeeviil LGBT “agenda”

Second- Explaining it to kids? Easy. Bono himself said it best. He explained that all children start off as female. Some change into males physically while in the womb. But sometimes, females are born with the brain of a female and the body of a male. Or the other way around. I don’t know about you, but one of the most important things I try to teach my kids is not to judge people by what they look like on the outside, because what is on the inside is what counts. There are many things that I’m not looking forward to explaining to my kids. This is so not one of them. It’s only a big deal if you make it one. Tolerance begins at home, and if you set an example by handling this in a relaxed, matter-of-fact way, your kids will not think anything of it.

This applies here.

If someone looks like a woman on the outside, but is really a man on the inside, then-SO? This one isn’t even about homosexuality, or really sexuality in the bedroom kind of way at all. It’s about biology. Genetically, some people are born with the body of one gender, but the brain of another.

I just don’t see how that’s hard or awkward or weird or whatever to explain to your children. I really don’t get it.Its not theological or immoral or any of that crap, it’s science.

Also: Its NOT ABOUT SEX. Or GAY SEX. OR evil homosexual pedophiles who are trying to harm your children. It’s a simple genetic screwup. Just like some people are born with extra arms, or twelve toes or a third nipple. Sometimes, shit happens.

Another reader states:

“Chaz Bono is not a man. She is a selfish woman who had her breasts removed. Do you know how many women agonize each year from having to have their breasts removed because of cancer? You make me sick. DWTS is no longer a family show.”

How is modifying your body to fit what’s on the inside selfish? If you had been born with a tail, wouldn’t you have had it fixed? What’s the difference between that and gender reassignment for those who were born with the wrong genders plumbing?

And don’t give me the “God made them that gender so they should deal with it” crap. I guarantee that mist of these people would not let their kids run around with a tail because that’s the way god made them.

“Just so you know…we will not be watching this time for the first time since the show started. Adding Chaz to the lineup was the final straw! Gone is the day when this was entertainment. Now it is sensationalism and we will not participate. I understand there are a lot of others, too, who share our view of this.Β 

Good luck!

It’s only a big deal because you make it one, dude.

“ABC’s willingness to feature a lesbian WOMAN (Bono) who is so utterly confused with HER sexual identity on DWTS new season will, I hope, prove whether the American people will tolerate the attempt by activists to normalize the immoral behavior of homosexuality upon our societies. Personnaly, I hope the shows ratings drop…

Um, not all Trans people are gay. (Though some are attracted to other members of their inside-gender) But I don’t think most of them change their genders because they want to be with members of the same sex, as a member of the opposite sex. I believe that they change the outside because they want it to match who they are on the inside. Again, really doesn’t revolve around who they choose to have sex with. If someone is outwardly a man, but inside, is a woman and they choose to have sex with men, it’s because they are a woman. Not a gay man. Most Gay men I know, are quite happy being men. These are two different things.

(My head hurts a little. Did that make sense? Ow.)

Also, calling him a woman repeatedly=rude. CAPITALIZING it just reinforces what an asshole you are.

“I think it’s discusting that you’re forcing this trancgender thing upon the public. The gay thing is enough! Now this! Where will it stop!!!!!! I used to love watching your show, but now I’m done!!!!!!! Tell Chaz to go back into the closet!!!!!!

Holy exclamation points, batman. Is it me, or do the most hateful of comments seem to come from people who didn’t make it past the third grade? Stupidity and ignorance breed intolerance. Get an education, lose the fear and hate, and, also, learn to spell.


  1. Katlee said:

    Ya know, this isn’t a show I watch because it’s just another one of those ‘celebrities are more important than anyone else so here they are again’ shows (I don’t watch network at all because of this kind of show in general, don’t do Idol, don’t do Survivor, really think they’re part of the reason of the dumbing down of the general public), but this wouldn’t change things for me if I did watch it.

    But you can’t tell me that this press they are getting with this isn’t the reason they’re doing it? Yes, they’re gonna lose some viewers, but they’re likely going to gain more than that. What is he really famous for other than being Sonny and Cher’s child, first being lesbian and now being transgendered? Looks like he was in a band for a while, but other than that, he’s famous for being famous, just like a bunch of other ‘celebrities’ nowadays.

    Dancing with the Stars, in my opinion, brought him on the show because he’s going to bring with him press and a different bunch of viewers. They had to have known this kind of backlash was going to come with him and likely decided it was worth it. Is it right? *shrug* There are people out there that think being gay/lesbian is wrong. You’re never going to change their minds in a million years and trying to do so is just wasting everyone’s time. Shoving things down the throat of people will not help them accept it, it turns them more against it. You force anyone to deal with something they dislike even a little and you’re likely going to force them to hate it. Leave them alone about it and often times they just ignore it or get over it.

    As far as this above: “Because his personal experiences and whether or not he’s had surgeries or whatever is none of my damn business.” Actually, it is because he’s MADE it part of your business. By being so outgoing about it, by doing documentaries and books and having it all over the news, it has been made part of everyone’s business. He, as a she, came out publicly (in the Advocate). He wrote/writes for the Advocate. And he’s the child of Cher, who loves being in the lime light. He’s going to have to accept that everything he does is going to make news, and going this path is just going to make it more news. “We” (and I use the general “we” because, of course, it’s not everyone) have caused this to happen by giving attention to everything a “celebrity” does. But they certainly play to it as well.

    I guess I’m of the opinion that both entities in this little exchange deserve what they get. There is NO way anyone involved in this is surprised, thinking “Wow, people are going to be upset with a now he/former she being on the show? But why?”. Whether you understand why people feel that way or not, you know that they do and that it does exist. It’s just like I know people actually like rap music or Justine Beiber. I may not understand why and I may not get it, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be surprised if people send me hate mail when I say I find them useless. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh I’m sure it was a publicity stunt in some ways. Any press is good press, right?
      I don’t watch any of these shows either. I don’t do “reality” TV or American Idol. And I know next to nothing about his backstory, honestly. I get that people have a right to not like something, but so: Don’t watch it. Is going to ABCs website and spewing hate really accomplishing anything? Other than hurting a person? Treating him like a freak or whatever? I’m not saying everyone has to agree with his choices or lifestyle but I think the world could do with a little less hate and intolerance. Especially when people are passing it on to their kids. Why can’t you just say “This person made choices that I might not have made, and don’t agree with, but they were his choices to make, his life to live.” Kind of like, how I feel about the twin reduction thing a few posts back. Yep, it bothers me. A lot, actually. But it’s not my life, so I can’t know what drove them to make the decisions they did.

      • Katlee said:

        Why are people vocal about anything they see as ‘injustice’? Just because the way we view this is generally the right way, the compassionate ‘let your fellow man do his thing’ way, doesn’t mean other people don’t have the right to express their opinions on things. Should they be more forgiving and let him be? Yeah, honestly I think there’s more things to worry about than whether someone cut off their boobs and added a third leg. But to these people that are being uproarious about it, this is very important.

        I had to go back and look at the twin thing… somehow I missed that post (I’ve been keeping watch, I guess I was just having a ‘moment’ that day. *shrug*) And no, you can’t know. But think of how many people are passionate about that. People are passionate about things and they want to speak that passion.

        Why are people so vocal against ‘us’? Why are you so vocal against clothing that makes girls ‘stupid sounding’? Why am I so opposed to PETA? We have to say something when we see something that makes us angry or I think we’ll explode. We need to get it out, to have our say.

        Intolerance is human nature I think, and we ALL have something we’re intolerant of I’m sure. Some people are more vocal about it, some are more nasty about it. And I think some people see ‘it’ (whatever they’re intolerant of) as being a bad ‘influence’ to their children. When it’s happening all around them and ‘everyone’s doing it’, what do they say to their kids? Remember, Sonny and Cher didn’t react to the news that their daughter was a lesbian when she came out to them way back. They didn’t like it at all. Cher changed, Sonny didn’t. Some people change, some don’t. You stressing about it isn’t going to change anyone at all. You just need to teach your children tolerance and compassion for their fellow man, and that’s really the best you can do.

        I do know it’s hard to watch happen. I get the same way a little, a bit of ‘what is your problem, how do you not have better things to worry about?!’ with things, but I usually just shake my head and go on. People do have their reasons for being what they are, whether they’re gay, lesbian, animal loving, animal hating, intolerance, ignorant, loud, quiet, pagan, christian, jewish, whatever. We are who we are, often times born that way, and changing is often painful.

      • I just woke up and all I’ve got ATM is. “PETA sucks.”

      • Ok. There comes a point when people expressing their opinion about things, especially with THIS topic, where it crosses the line into action. A parent may be vocal in their feelings about it, pass those feelings and hatred on to their children. Who then beats the crap out of the kid at school. Or, shoots him in the back of the head in the middle of a class. (yeah that happened).

      • polerin said:

        I can’t go along with the “you have to just teach your children tolerance” and let everyone else go on without making a comment about it. Even if I were not trans, I couldn’t go along with this.. it means that something that has a tremendous negative effect on other people’s lives isn’t even worth the energy to write a blog post about. Injustice needs to be spoken out against, and not just in the safety and comfort of one’s homes… I know that the people who think I am a monster and a pervert don’t keep quiet in public. Why should those who think I should be left alone to lead my life as I see fit?

      • Katlee said:

        Ok, can’t comment in too far I guess. hehe

        I never said there was no reason to blog about this. I think people should be left to live their lives as they see fit. But this particular instance, where people are speaking out against Chaz… he PUT himself in the public spot light, and now he’s going to get comments from both sides because of it. He is just going to have to accept that when you make yourself public people are going to attack you for what you’re doing. It doesn’t mean you should keep quiet about it… It’s that same passion that the other side is showing and it needs to be there. But expecting other people to keep quiet about it while you’re allowed to say what you want is not right either.

        It sucks. Personally, I think we’ve gotten way into each other’s business. But ‘celebrities’ put themselves out there and then complain that no one leaves them alone. There are plenty of ‘celebrities’ that don’t have their lives splashed all over the papers. The people that ask for this treatment need to accept that they’re gonna get what they’re asking for and more.

        For those that are just trying to live their lives and getting accosted in public… it sucks. I wish it wasn’t like that, but it is. As I said, there are always going to be people that don’t agree with what you’re doing/have done and there are going to be people that are vocal about it. Getting into an argument with those kind of people, though, is pointless. Having an intelligent conversation with an unarmed person will always be a losing battle, unfortunately, and that’s what you’re doing there.

      • polerin said:

        He’s Cher’s son. Yes, he released one album, but that’s not what made the tabloids sit up and take notice when he came out as gay, then again when he came out as trans. It was his mom, and he didn’t chose that.

        Beyond that, in a world without cissexism Chaz’s transition wouldn’t have occasioned more than the briefest of nods, well behind the latest celebrity breakup. It’s only news because who his parents are and that –by and large– being trans or being in a relationship with a trans person is seen as putting yourself out for public comment by default. If you don’t believe me, look at the comment thread on any news story related to trans people. That’s the kind of thing I and many others have had to put up with in our personal life as well.

        The only way to avoid this is to go stealth and destroy any link to your old life and the fact that you are trans. This was the enforced path for many people, especially trans women, and it’s caused a huge amount of harm that we are just now STARTING to understand.

  2. Amber said:

    Sonny & Cher had a baby? Well of course he is transgendered. That just makes sense. πŸ˜‰ I do cringe at the comment about “I don’t want to have to explain to my daughter…” um, that is their job. As a parent. To explain shit. Come on, an opportunity to put their judgmental spin on the situation and teach their child intolerance? You’d think they’d be all over that!

    PS I hate TV.

  3. Lexa said:

    If you cannot speak to your kids, don’t have them. This really doesn’t seem that hard to me.

    And while of course DWTS did this for publicity, I also think it is a good opportunity to raise awareness and learn some compassion.

    • Katlee said:

      No offense, but this isn’t going to help anyone ‘learn compassion’. I don’t think that’s even possible. Have you MET any of the general public? If they don’t already have compassion, they’re not gonna gain any. πŸ˜› (I could be a little bitter and biased from working with the general public for well over 20 years, though).

      Also, as our host has said, it’s not likely that they’ll be talking about it at all, either. It’s just gonna be there in the background, undiscussed (that may or may not be a word). So, maybe a little bit of awareness just in the fact that he’s on there, but that’s about it. Everyone will be generally left to their own opinions about it.

      Mind you, as I said earlier, I don’t care for most network television shows… it’s all about ratings and controversy and the like, no actual good learning, discussion, information or other useful things. It really seems that most shows are more interested in dividing the viewers rather than bringing them together… more polarization and ‘us vs. them’ kind of reasoning.

  4. Mom101 said:

    I love the idea that someone Chaz Bono is a bad role model, but past contestants Jerry Springer, Kelly Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff, and Bristol Palin make it good, clean family fun!

    • polerin said:

      heh, yeah. But, yeknow, at least they weren’t like, you know.

      Shh don’t say the words or some kid will want to be all gendery wendery wibbly wobbily

    • Katlee said:

      What’s wrong with David Hasselhoff? (the rest I agree with, although I don’t know that much about Kelly, can’t say she impresses me all that much)

      • Google “hasslehoff cheeseburger” and watch the video. I’ll wait.

      • Katlee said:

        Um…. I don’t know if I want to…. I’m suddenly very scared.. That sounds too much like ‘lemon party’ to me…

      • I do not know this lemon party of which you speak, but in that video he does have pants on.( I think. )

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