Helping Daisy

Last night, on Twitter, I came across this link:

Everyone, meet Daisy.
Daisy is about to turn four. She loves animals, the color red and Dora the Explorer.
She also has leukemia.
Her amazing cousin, Stacey, is currently traveling around Europe. On her way she is collecting little things from all of the places she’s visited to bring back to Daisy.
But she’d like to do more. So she has reached out to the internets to see if we can help.
What she is asking is simple. Send a card, a note, a gift. Really anything-and Stacy is going to present Daisy with these things in October. This little girl will hopefully get to see the world, see all of these amazing places for herself someday, but for now, Stacy would like to bring the world to her.
So wherever you are in this world, if you could take the time to send a little piece of it on over to Daisy, please do.
For more information, or an address to mail things to, email Stacy at the email in her post, or email me at with the subject “Helping Daisy”.
It doesn’t have to be a lot. Have your kids make a card and draw pictures of your states special places. Please pass this along and let’s all use our formidable Internet powers to get together to make this childs life a little brighter today!

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